High Temperature Shift Catalyst

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Product Name: High Temperature Shift Catalyst
Product Model: BS-SCHT
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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This High Temperature Shift Catalyst has been used sucessfully with low bulk density, high activity, low sulfur content.

 Detailed description

High Temperature Shift Catalyst

1. Characteristic Description
This product is developed with excellent treating effect with characteristics as follow:
High activity;
High strength in application;
Low bulk density;
Wide temperature scope for using;
Extreme high ability of resistant to condensation water;
Low sulfur content, special time for releasing sulfur can be saved in initial start of large scale synthetic ammonia plant in which high temperature converter is connected to low temperature converter directly.

2. Physical & chemical properties:
Appearance black-grey cylinder
Diameter, mm 9.0-9.5 or 4.0-6.0
Length, mm 5.0-7.0 or 3.0-5.0
Bulk density 1.35~1.45 kg/L
Fe2O3 ≥ 75%
Cr2O3 ≥ 7.0%
C (graphite) right amount
3.Technical properties:
Activity after heat resistant(CO converting rate),350oC,% ≥71.0
Radical strength before reduction, N/cm ≥200.0
Radical strength after reduction ,N/cm ≥200.0
Pellets' percentage of strength below 160N/cm,% ≤10.0
Friction loss,% > 8.0.
Burned loss,% > 10.0.
Sulfur in catalyst body(as S),% > 0.025.
Packing: steel drum with PE bag as inner package

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