Continuous Regenerated Catalyst

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Product Name: Continuous Regenerated Catalyst
Product Model: BS-CRGC
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Continuous Regenerated Catalyst Catalyst has high activity, good reaction performance and good regenerated activity.

 Detailed description
Continuous Regenerated Catalyst
I. Description
1. Catalytic activity is higher than GCR series and R series.
2. Reaction performance is superior to foreign R series and the speed of carbon-deposition is lower than R series under condition of lower than harshness or higher than harshness.
3. With good hydrothermal stability and chloride maintenance.
4. Regenerated activity can recover to live catalyst.
II. Characteristics


Pt/Al2O3, m%
Sn/Al2O3, m%
Cl/Al2O3, m%
Additive A/ Al2O3, m%
Additive B/ Al2O3, m%
Fe, ppm
Si, ppm
Na, ppm
Strength, N/pcs
Bulk density, g/ml
Sa, m2/g
Abrasion, %
< 4
Rate of loss, m%
Sieve, m%
< 2
Activity, %
IV. Packing: steel drum with PE bag as inner package.

V. Application range
1. Applied in continuous reforming devices.
2. Suitable for varied materials and operation conditions.
3. Suitable to be used in continuous reforming unit of limited regeneration capacity.
VI. Storage and Precuation
1. Keep away from water and moisture and strictly forbid to contact with other chemicals or hydrocarbon products.
2. Avoid to fall or roll the steel drum during transportation.
3. It is in reduction form while out of plant. Pack on fine days, avoid touching the air and sealing the reaction vessel immediately after packing and filling nitrogen for protection.
4. The feedstock should be controlled with S≤0.5ppm, H2O≤5ppm,As≤1ppb, and the recycle hydrogen should be controlled with H2O≤50ppm during normal production.
5. Start-up should be strictly following the start-up manual of PS-VII catalyst or under the instruction of professional technical personnel if necessary.
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