Guard Catalyst

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Product Name: Guard Catalyst
Product Model: HH-I-1,HH-Ⅱ-1,HH-Ⅲ-1
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Guard Catalyst for environmental protecting: 1)add special material with high purity alumina to support and cover material in reaction; 2)professional technical

 Detailed description

Guard Catalyst for Environmental Protecting

1. Decscription:
add with high pure alumina for main material special composition refined and shoe that become is it support catalyst protect the pharmaceutical to cover. Structure circumference slot round to turn on hole is it guarantee certain compression strength increase it than surface area and space rate to reach inside. Because product this have 40-50% space rate, numerous capillary and turn on hole can filter particle form , glue form , pitch quality , heavy metal ,etc. impurity of oil.


The impurity can strain a part after raw materials filter, is it smaller than 25um following particle impurity and ion unable to is it shed to strain iron partly quite to still have. Top is it should protect pharmaceutical can impurity that does not filter is it tell in his hole to suck raw materials to load in reactor, thus reach and protect the catalyst and does not form burntly , guarantee the long purpose of the court of cycle of going into operation of device again.

The impurity kind is different from the different content and size of particle in the raw materials that are dealt with, users select different aperture and environmental protection type not counted with the hole for use and protect the pharmaceutical. Can also enclose such active group ones as the molybdenum , nickel , cobalt ,etc. of year according to the need , in order to prevent sinking carbons of catalyst from forming burntly and poisonning.

 Among petrochemical industry trade , reform , add hydrogen , make hydrogen , coking angry , diesel oil hydrofining ,etc. device is it should protect pharmaceutical result indicate to use, it can strain and get rid of the impurity effectively ; And can protect the catalyst in service time effectively , lengthen the opening in time limit for a project of the device , increased the area of circulation of the oil , can make the system pigeonhole and drop to 0 . Under 1Mpa , make the handling capacity of the device improve by 26. 5%, and catalysis diesel oil mix than up to 37%-40%.

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