China factory direct sale ZnO sulfur removal catalyst

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Product Name: China factory direct sale ZnO sulfur removal catalyst
Product Model: T305
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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ZnO sulfur removal catalyst is easy used and adaptable at normal temperature operation.

 Detailed description
ZnO sulfur removal catalyst

1. Feature and application

T305 catalyst can work excellently at 200~400℃ which is mainly used to remove sulfide from gas like nature
gas, oil field gas, refinery gas, synthesis gas and shift gas, also for sulfide from liquid like hydrocarbon,

propylene,  naphtha and etc, so that it can protect precious catalyst (contain Ni, Cu, Fe…) and promote

product quality in some industries related to steam conversion, low temperature shift, methanation,

methanol, integrated methanol, ammonia synthesis and carbonyl.

This catalyst is of high-precision desulfuration, large surface area, large sulfur capacity, high crush strength,

high degree water resistance, easy used and adaptable, normal temperature is available for operation.

2. Primary physical and technology parameter

Primary composition: ZnO
Color & shape: grey cylinder particle
Size: Φ3~5×(5~15) mm
Loading density: 1.00~1.20 kg/L
Crush strength: ≥60.0 N/cm
Sulfur adsorption capacity ≥20.0wt% at 220℃,  ≥30.0wt% at 350℃

3. Operating condition

Space velocity: 500~3000h-1(gas); 0.5~3h-1(liquid)

Temperature: 200~400℃
Pressure: normal pressure~30.0Mpa

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