Ozone Decomposition Catalyst

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Product Name: Ozone Decomposition Catalyst
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O3 catalyst is the best catalyst for Pingxiang Baisheng Chemical packing Co.,Ltd.

 Detailed description

1. Operation and Process

Ozone decomposition catalyst  is the allotrope of oxygen with special smell and light blue color. While O3 is of strong oxidant that it could destroy cytoderm and enter cells rapidly, then decomposite glucose oxidase, also O3 could directly react with germ and virus so that to destroy normal cell, RNA etc, which is harmful to environment and human health.

Ozone decomposition catalyst plays important role of decomposing ozone into oxygen.

Usually dry gas and dry oxygen will produce ozone after electrical release, such as copier, printer, fax machine, dust collector, air cleaner will produces ozone while using; besides, in ozone sterilizing industry, there is high concentration ozone left.

Operation Process: after drying, waste gas containing ozone enter catalyst reactor through the drier (contains desiccant like Molecular Sieve, silica gel), and then discharge. It means ozone has been purified when starch potassium iodide keep its color.

2.Operation Properties

1) This catalyst has outstanding composition capacity

2) Good moisture-resistant that workable at 90% relative humidity

3) Excellent performance with competitive price

Initial activated temperature: normal temperature (higher temperature makes higher decomposition ratio);

O3 removal capacity>3000mg waste O3 gas/g catalyst;

O3 decomposition ratio>95%;

service space velocity>10000h-1;

after decomposition, O3 concentration ratio < 0.10 ppm

3. Technology Prosperties:

No Test item Technology parameter
    Carrier size: foamed ceramic 160×110×25, cordierite 50×10.5 and etc, alumina particle and etc
1 Space velocity >10000h-1
  Ozone process capacity 3~5gO3/g catalyst
2 Service temperature 20-100
3 Max moisture resistance 90% RH
4 Bulk density 0.72±0.05g/mL
5 Crushing strength (cordierite carrier basis) ≥14 MPa (front), ≥4 MPa (side)
6 Coating component >10.0%
7 Oxidized metal >8.0%
8 Expulsion ratio <2%
9 Appearance Black
10 Package Moisture-proof


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