catalyst carrier activated alumina

catalyst carrier

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Product Name: catalyst carrier
Product Model: BS-Ka405
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


this Activated Alumina used as catalyst carrier is media for catalyst with activity component, which has large surface area and high strength.

 Detailed description

1. Description

This r phrase Activated Alumina is used to be carrier for catalyst.
Chemical Composition: Al2O3>93%, Na2O: 0.15~0.3%, I.L <8%

2. Specification:
Index Specificatiom
Crystalline Phase r--Al2O3
Sphere Size mm Ø1.5-2, Ø2-3, Ø3-4
Appearance White Sphere
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.2--0.3, 0.4--0.5, 0.6--0.7
Crush Resistance N/sphere >160, >200, >300
Surface Area m2/g >10,>30,>60
Pore Volume cm3/g  >0.4

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