Silicon Carbide Maleic Anhydride

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Product Name: Silicon Carbide Maleic Anhydride
Product Model: silicon carrier
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Silicon Carbide Maleic Anhydride Catalyst Carrier, Size: outside 7mm, inside 4mm, height 4mm

 Detailed description
 1. Description
It is mainly used green Silicon Carbide as the major material and a small amount of high-grade kaolin, adhesives, booster, high-temperature cements, mineralizer, proe-forming material, lubricant are added through our patented formula, and to produce under the high-sintering temperature.

Silicon Carbide catalyst carrier has the excellent performance in Mechanics, Calorific, Electricity and Chemistry. And it has the features of the corrosion resistance, high intensity, high wearability, high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and high temperature resistance.

It can be applied in fixed -bed benzene oxidation to maleic anhydride catalyst, normal paraffin isomerization catalyst and the catalyst used for the extreme bad reaction conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high strength in the industry of fine chemicals as the catalyst carrier..

2. Main Specification

Item Specification Item Specification
Shape Cylinder ring Porosity % <20
Color Light Green alkali metals % ≤0.3
Size mm Φ7×Φ4×Φ4 Moh’s hardness ≥9.4
Bulk Density g/ml 0.71-0.75 Crushing Strength axial direction≥10kg/partical
radial direction≥5kg/partical
Surface area m2/g <0.1 Thermal conductivity ≥380w/mk


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