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Air Purification System Cuts Wallpaper Maker’s Energy Use 50%

Air Purification System Cuts Wallpaper Maker’s Energy Use 50%


German wallpaper manufacturer Tapentenfabrik Gebr. Rasch cut its energy consumption 50 percent by replacing its decade-old air purification system with an exhaust-air pollutant incineration system by Dürr Clean Technology Systems.

The company, faced wth high maintenance and operating costs, installed the Ecopure TAR recuperative oxidizer to help it comply with environmental regulations. The system is particularly economic when waste heat is used in the production process through downstream heat recovery systems like thermal oil or hot-water heat exchangers.

Return on investment is estimated to be two to three years, says Dürr.

The system, which has a service life of about 20 years, is equipped with effective exhaust-air heat exchangers and a burner with a special flame geometry that cuts electricity and gas use. The heat-exchanges can now resist SiO2 clogging for longer than a year, a design feature that extends the period between maintenance. The thermal-oil replacement interval is almost double the company’s old system.

Dürr has installed more than 1,800 Ecopure TAR recuperative oxidizer systems for diverse applications in numerous industries around the world, with the fourth system generation now coming into use. Dürr has completed 60 exhaust air purification system projects within the wallaper industry.

The air purification system is incorporated into an uninterruptible power supply, which guarantees reliability even in the event of a power failure.  Emissions are less than 80 mg/Nm³ for CO and less than 50 mg for nitrogen oxide, far below the required limits, says Dürr.