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BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent

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Product Name: BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent
Product Model: BS-Y
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent is a kind of chlorine adsorbent, BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent can remove HCL, and NH4Cl

 Detailed description

1. Product introduction:

BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent is developed by our company, a kind of normal temperature efficient chlorine adsorbent which is used for reforming to generate oil phase. BS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent can remove HCL, and NH4Cl which is generated by HCL together with NH3. IBS-Y Chlorine Removal Adsorbent can be also used for removing HCL under normal temperature hydrogen cycling.  

2. Characteristic:

2.1. Apperance: Grey/white sphere (φ3~5mm)  

2.2. Dynamic Cl capacity (HCl+NH4Cl)  ≥25% (wt)

2.3. Purification     ≤1ppm

2.4. Abrasive resistance   ≥98 % (wt)

2.5. Bulk density: 0.76±0.05 kg/L;

3.Operation condition:

3.1. Temperature:0~100 ℃

3.2. Pressure: 0~10.0 MPa

4.Standard: Q/320000HT06-2011


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