China factory direct sale 90% Catalyst Support Ball

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Product Name: China factory direct sale 90% Catalyst Support Ball
Product Model: BS-ICB90
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The high thermal resistance and crush strength of 90% Catalyst Support Ball work excellent to support catalyst

 Detailed description
1. Product Description
Inert ceramic balls are used supporting and covering catalyst for reactors in oil refinery, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environment protection industries, it can improve the distribution of gas and liquid; protect the catalyst from shocking by the rushing fluids.have the advantages of high strength, high stabilities to chemical and thermal circumstances. It can resistant to acid alkali, salt and all organic solvents.

2. Chemical Composition

≥ 90 %
≤ 1 %
≤ 1 %
≤ 1 %
≤ 1 %

3. Physical Properties

Water absorption
≤ 2 %
Acid resistance
≥ 98 %
Alkali resistance
80 %
Thermal resistance
≥ 1300
 Crushing strength
> 28 kg/pc
Bulk density
2000 kg/m3
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