China factory direct sale Activated Alumina for H2O2 Production

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Product Name: China factory direct sale Activated Alumina for H2O2 Production
Product Model: BS-KA403
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Activated Alumina for H2O2 Production is used to adsorb anthraquinone.

 Detailed description

1. Introduction

This product is of γ-Al2O3, using fast stripping of intermediate products as raw materials made from white or red powder pellets, with high strength, non-soluble in water and hydrocarbons, alcohol, grease and other organic solvents, in the water and alkali is not powder, the same soft, high clarity, long service life, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, degradation of anthraquinone derivatives and regeneration ability, etc., are anthraquinone production of hydrogen peroxide-specific adsorbent, proven by the number of users , the products are working solution in the alkali adsorption outside the degradation products of hydrogenation, have a strong regenerative capacity, for reducing the consumption of anthraquinone and stability

of working solution components, but also have a significant role in

It is an ideal hydrogen peroxide-specific adsorbent, has a similar product in the domestic leading level.

2. Chemical Formula

The chemical general formula: Al2O3.nH2O n <0.5

3. Primary Physical Properties

Appearance: white spherical particles

Diameter Φ1-3, Φ3-5, Φ4-6, Φ5-7

Polymorphs: γ

Bulk density: 0.68-0.75g/cm3

Specific surface area: 260-320m2/g

Pore volume: 0.45-0.5 cm3/g

Crushing strength: ≥ 50N/pc

Water absorption rate: ≥ 52% @900℃

LOI : ≤ 5%

Regeneration ability: ≥ 10 g / l

This Product is totally comply to Standard “HG/T3927-2007 standard”

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