China factory direct sale Filter Ring

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Product Name: China factory direct sale Filter Ring
Product Model: BS-CFR
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Quartz Ceramic Filter Ring is used to purify water with multi-holes structure.

 Detailed description

1. Product introduction

Filter quartz ceramics is made by sintered in 1200 degree with steady chemical features. Its surface area is the 6-9times to biochemical ring as the multi-holes structure, has high permeable, and meantime could process with aerobic nitrification and anaerobic oxidation denitrification role, which is helpful to stead the water quality.

Mainly function: purify water.

2. Available Specs
Φ10×10×2mm,Φ16×16×3.5 mm,Φ18×18×4 mm

3. Application
Suitable to Aquaculture, water supply and etc, specially for biological filtration system of aquatic animals.

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