Pentagon Ring

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Product Name: Pentagon Ring
Product Model: BS-PPR
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Plastic Pentagon Ring could be made from PVC, CPVC, PP, PE, RPP, PVDF with professional injection technique and skilled mold development.

 Detailed description

1. Production description
This product is an excellent packing.Based on this product's structure analysis,funnelled hollow out design speeds up liquid's velocity so as to improve Gas & liquid seperation efficiency.Ring wall's large area opening hole overcomes big area blocking.Five pieces of horizontal bar which bend toward the centers forms more bigger suface for gas & liquid's contacting. More abviously feature is five pieces of downwarded rods evenly distribution. This distribution will promote liquid drop to form big droplet.Finally, it is recognized high efficiency random packing used in sepeation.

 2. Major sepcification: 

Specification mm Surface area  m2/m3 Void ratio  % Bulk density Kgs/cbm No. elements pcs/m3
38*12*1.2 246 95 112 46000
50*17*1.5 218 97 107 21500
76*26*2.5 198 96 92 6500

3. Standard
This products comply with the industry standard of HG/T3986-2007.

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