Ceramic Baffle Ring

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Product Name: Ceramic Baffle Ring
Product Model: BS-CBR
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Ceramic Baffle Ring; 1)New mould and steady quality; 2)Unique performance loading in towers

 Detailed description
1. Description
This ceramic ring is restant against various acid (exept fluoric acid), organic solution, with high density and exellent resistence performance to acid and thermal, which have been widely used in drying tower, adsorbtion tower, cooling tower and recycle tower of chemcal industries, metallurge, coal gas and evironmental protecting etc.
Besides this stype, you can also choose the one with wavy.
1) Allow large quantity flow distribution.
2) Low pressure drop
3) High efficiency
2. Physical Characteristic

Size  DxHxS


Surface Area

Porosity %

Bulk density


10x10x2 460 40 700 8000
80x80x8 120 56 780 1950
100x100x10 110 53 810 1000
120x120x12 75 55 820 370
150x150x15 60 58 950 295

3. Standard

Comply to industry standard of PRC GB/T 18749-2002

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