Ceramic Drag Roller

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Product Name: Ceramic Drag Roller
Product Model: BS-CR
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Ceramic Drag Roller 1.40 years' production experience 2.waterproof,high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistence etc, 3.ISO9001:2000

 Detailed description
 1. Dscription of products 

This product is the core part of belt conveyor, tube is made of casting powder as the mian material, and it is made at high temperature. The ceramic drag roller has the advantage of high density , high hardness, high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistence, anticorrosion, waterproof, theftproof, long working life etc. It plays important role for enterprise such as lasting equipment life, improving productive efficiency and reducing product cost. It can be widely used in steel, coking, metallurgy, chemical, thermal ppower plant industries.


2. Available type & size 
Name Size(mm)  Name Size(mm)
Upper drag roller φ89x190 Below drag roller φ89x600
Upper drag roller φ89x240 Below drag roller φ89x750
Upper drag roller φ89x305 Below drag roller φ89x950
Upper drag roller φ89x375 Below drag roller φ108x950
Upper drag roller φ108x375 Below drag roller φ108x1150
Upper drag roller φ108x455 Below drag roller φ108x1400
Upper drag roller φ108x525 Below drag roller φ108x1600
Upper drag roller φ133x335 Below drag roller φ133x1600
Upper drag roller φ133x380 Below drag roller φ159x800
Upper drag roller φ133x405
Upper drag roller φ133x460
Upper drag roller φ133x530

3. Technical specs

Item  Unit  Index 
 Al2O3  %  30-42
SiO2  %  55-60
compressive strength   Mpa  >160
flexural strength   Mpa  >90
water adsorption  %  >0.5
abrasion   %  <0.13
alkali resistance   %  95.6
acid resistance  %  99.7
density   G/cm3  2.6-2.9
hardness   Mohs  >7


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