Plastic Covering Ball

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Product Name: Plastic Covering Ball
Product Model: Covering Ball
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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Plastic Covering Ball;1)Usage:Petroleum, chemical engineering, chloralkali, coal gas, metallurgy; 2)enviromental protection, electricity; 3)professional quality

 Detailed description

1. Product Description

The Plastic Covering Ball is kind of packing, designed based on the Hollow Ball. Compared with the Hollow Ball, the Covering Ball has a rim around its surface. It is of big void ratio, thermal proof, resistant to chemical corrosion. The height of pressure drop and transfering unit is low. It has high flooding packing factor, full liquid-gas contact, small bulky density, high transfer efficiency.....

Application: Petroleum, chemical engineering, chloralkali, coal gas, metallurgy, enviromental protection, electricity.
It is used in horizontal acid storing cistern and storage or desalination water tank. It can reduce acid mist and the pollution of carbon dioxide and chlorine to the water.

2. Physical & Chemical properties of plastic tower packing

                 Diameter mm Bulk Denstiy g/cm3 Temperature Compressive strength Number MPa Void Volume Covering  Rate PH  Range
Rimmed Solid   Covering  Ball φ40 0.3 ≤120 ≤0.4 666 9.30% 97% 114
Solid  covering  ball φ40 0.5 ≤120 ≤0.4 722 9.50% 91% 114
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