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CB&I and Clariant Reach Long-Term

CB&I and Clariant Reach Long-Term PP Catalyst Cooperation Agreements

PP Catalyst Cooperation AgreementsThe Woodlands—
CB&I’s Lummus Novolen Technology business unit and
Clariant’s Catalyst business unit have signed long-term
joint development and commercialization agreements on
polypropylene (PP) catalysts.
The two companies will combine and increase research
and development efforts to develop improved PP catalysts
and donor technologies. Existing and future Lummus Novolen
licensees and other PP producers will be supplied
with catalysts developed by a new state-of-the-art Ziegler-
Natta PP production line.
CB&I and Clariant will jointly invest $70-million to
build the new production line at Clariant’s Louisville, Ky.,
site. The plant is expected to begin production in 2015.
“The PP Ziegler-Natta catalyst market is expected to
experience estimated growth rates of more than 5% in the
next five years. “The state-of-the-art catalyst production
plant will guarantee continuous supply quality and consistent
product quality,” said Daniel McCarthy, executive vice
president of CB&I and president of its technology operating