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new innovation

Our company has latest developed Hydrogenation Conversion Catalyst, using alumina (Al2O3) & titania (TiO2) with large specific surface area and big pore volume as compound carrier, which is made of activated composition as Co, Mo and a little auxiliary agent. This new innovation product has good abrasion-resistance, high hydrogenation conversion activity, and good low-temperature activity and has double roles of hydro-desulfurization and Olefins saturation.

Hydrogenation conversion catalyst could be widely appllied in the process of hydro-purification of hydrocarbon raw materials.
It plays important role for enterprise such as prolonging service life of equipment, improving productive efficiency, and reducing product cost.

We believe this new innovation catalyst would valued to our energy chemical industry.
And Baisheng would always keep up with the latest development tendendy, maintain innovation ability.