Quality Management

Our company continues product quality as the life of enterprise, so we established a set of perfect internal quality assessment system. On the basis of implementing relevant national technical standards and comprehensive quality management concept, we established the following quality assessment system:
Firstly according to the product technical specification and quality requirements, compiling products raw material formulation and production process by technology, implementation scheme after the chief engineer approval, to meet the client's quality requirements.

1. Quality control responsibility system of General Manger

General Manager’s comprehensive superintendent of enterprise production administration work, who is the leader and organizers of comprehensive quality management, full responsibility for the work quality, product quality and engineering quality of whole enterprise. His main responsibilities in quality control as below:

Seriously implementation engineering(products) quality policy and instructions of party and country, approval enterprise quality control system, making a good job of overall quality management of the overall education work, regular held "century-old important project, quality first "thought education in the staff, organization carries out company-wide occupational activities of "all excellent product"

2. Quality responsibility system of Chief Engineer
1 Chief engineer under the leadership of general manager, specific organize and guide for the technical work of company engineering, product quality.

2Organizations to implement all the technical specifications, procedures, quality control system and major technical measures which Issued by state and enterprises, and strict supervise and inspect in production.

3   Presiding over products or engineering quality accident analysis meeting, directly response for product or project quality.

 (4   Constructing technology organization measures to the product or the technical problems, quality question


5   Taking charge of major projects and new technology, the new craft technical solutions

6   Master product or project quality, for good quality advanced individuals shall be timely promotion; violation of construction procedure and operating rules phenomenon is entitled to stop at any time.

3. Quality responsibility system of Technique
1Before batch production, should clarify the ranking regulation , technical regulations, quality planning, production measures and time to site manager, And carefully check and implement in the process of implementing, completes the product examination and acceptance.

2Frequently check each group production basic situation according to the drawing and technical requirements, to the group and individual who violate of production specifications, operating rules, technical measures, has the right to stop, ordered to rework or ordered to suspend the manufacture.

3Coaching each production team making comprehensive job of quality control, guiding QC teamwork, assist the professional quality inspector establish quality file.

 4. Quality responsibility system of site supervisor
1Site supervisor is the directly organizer and leader for engineering construction operation or product production, directly responsible for engineering or product quality .

2Organizing and leading team strictly construct accordance with the design drawing, construction regulation, operating rules, construction organization, technical measures,  and often check and supervise.

3Often undertake the education to the worker of  the century-old important project, quality first "and popularization of the total quality management ,organize and guide the QC group activity.

4Strictly according to construction program, organization equilibrium production, achieve civilization construction.

5Keep track of engineering or product production schedule and quality situation, conscientiously implement the quality planning and various technical measures to organize the shift workers carry out self-inspection and mutually inspection activities.

6Taking charge of process handover inspection and sub divisional engineer quality evaluation, and according to the existing problems, organize quality research.

5. Technical training management system and rules
Our company always attach importance to employee's technical training work, have developed for all levels and technical personnel's daily training and professional off-job training system, in order to adapt to the need of packing technology develops ceaselessly. Currently training work mainly focused on the following:
1Organizing irregularly internal training, invite authoritative scholar in professional technology  to have lectures, or our internal senior engineer personally have lectures to impart technology and experiences to technician.

2The training of construction personnel mainly responsibility by engineering and technical persons. Organization construction personnel study construction standard, process, technical regulations, quality standards and construction measures, and implement assessment system to the main technical training construction person, only investigate qualifiedly person can approval to practical engineering.

(3About the senior technical persons' training taken in authentication engineer training method which organized by various system equipment suppliers,  this kind of training to make technology training person mastering the system design, installation, debugging and maintenance work.

 6. Engineering maintenance and service

There are highly skilled engineering technicians and rich experienced engineering construction and maintenance persons, who obtained user higher appraisal. After several years of engineering practice, our company established a set of management system in product quality assurance, engineering maintenance and service, accumulated rich experience, we have the ability to complete certain scale packing integrated design installation and maintenance.

 7. Service concept
since inception, we in line with the user first principle and fostered experienced professional team in installation and service. We can provide technical support for main products of future users system; will reply by specialized technical response center. To ensure the user can consult and solve problems at any time. Users can contact our technician by telephone or fax to obtain required information and solutions.
8. Periodically callback system
we provide periodically callback system to customers to ensure the communication between users. Established callback contact system, record user use condition, fault and our company's suggestion, comment, etc. in callback list by specific executive engineer, we will improve our service quality according to call back situation to satisfy users demand, service best.
 9. On-site services
when the user can not repair well under our technician's measures, we will go to site conduct technical services according to the user demand.