straight-run gasoline HDS catalyst

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Product Name: straight-run gasoline HDS catalyst
Product Model: BS-UDS
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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straight-run gasoline HDS catalyst is a kind of catalyst taking W, Mo, Ni and Co as active component with high crush strength and high activity

 Detailed description
straight-run gasoline HDS catalyst

1. Product chemical & Physical information    
Item Description  
Activity component W-Mo-Ni-Co  
Totally activity component content 26~30 wt%  
 Shape Extruded trilope  
Size (diameter*-length) Ф(1.3~1.6)*(2~8) mm  
Bulk density 0.75~0.85 g/ml  
Surface area > 200 m2/g  
Pore volume > 0.3 ml/g  
Crushing strength (side) > 150 N/mm  
Abrasion < 1.0 wt%  

2. Operating example
Catalyst BS-UDS
Technology condition  
Hydrogen pressure, 4.8MPa 5.5
Hydrogen/oil ratio 260
Space velocity, h-1 1.5
Reacting temperature,  318
Space velocity /h-1 3
Oil types Raw oil hydrogenated Diesel
Density@20, g/cm3 0.862 0.845
Sulfur/mg.g-1 12300 41
Nitrogen/mg.g-1 637 34.6

3. Catalyst life
2 years as a cycle and at least could last for 3 cycles.

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