auto thermal reforming catalyst

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Product Name: auto thermal reforming catalyst
Product Model: BSC-2
Products Exhibitors: Baisheng
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auto thermal reforming catalyst is used for second-stage converser with CH4 as primary raw material with high thermal resistance, high crushing strength and long service life.

 Detailed description
auto thermal reforming catalyst

1. Product Descriptions

This catalyst takes Nickel as active promoter and alumina as carrier, which is mainly used for second-converser with CH4 as primary raw material in nature gas, coke gas or associated gas.

Operation temperature in this process is higher than first-stage converser.

2. Chemical component and physical Properties
NiO, %
SiO2, %
K2O + Na2O, %
CaO, %
LOI, %
4 holes’ drum
Dimension (OD*H), mm
Bulk density, kg/L
Brushing strength, N/pc

3. Package
steel drum on pallet

4. Operating
This converser has rather large diamter, operator can enter the converser to be in charge of loading catalyst.
This converser usually be risen up the temperature at mean time with the first-stage converser.
This catalyst should be reducted before start up.
Avoid any impurity enter the converser like S, Cl
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